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A new perspective on data.

Scaling your business means transforming technology to unlock the value in data. As you transform, how do you ensure that data is used correctly? Correct is a hard concept: lawyers and compliance officers have contracts and policies that spell it out, but technology teams speak in code and schemas. When these groups can't collaborate from a common perspective, your business can’t grow.

Tranquil Data is software that bridges this gap. The product is transparent to developers, provisioned between applications and databases, making it simple to drop onto a laptop or scale-out as a service. Policies written by business owners are validated in test and enforced in production, giving everyone clarity that operational data is used as-intended. Our software captures the context in which data exists, so as your business scales your applications easily support new requirements, and you can transform with calm confidence.

What are some key uses for Tranquil Data?

Our proactive approach to capturing business-relevant facets of data, and enforcing rules around those facets, makes the software ideal for identifying each user’s data, isolating data to intended uses, and sharing based on business context.

Data Identity

Identify user data in real-time to ensure it’s used or shared as-intended across applications and databases.
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Cloud Adoption

Isolate data sets available internally for dev-test; isolate customers from each other in production.
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Customer Confidence

Segment and audit each customer's proprietary data like it’s in a separate cage, even when it's not.
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How does alignment benefit your team?

As requirements around data scale, so do the number of voices and diversity of view-points; Tranquil Data invites all stakeholders to contribute from their perspectives so that all parties are clear that the requirements are met.


Team Leaders get confidence when everyone is aligned, agile, and executing quickly against new business opportunities.


Engineering Leaders become more productive and efficient, able to focus on building and scaling applications with the right tools.


Compliance and Data leaders are empowered to be proactive and have clear collaborations with users of data.


Operators and DBAs get control over the mapping from applications to infrastructure, simplifying deployment and audit.


Welcome to Tranquil Data
May 19, 2019

We'd like to introduce you to Tranquil Data. We are the response to a simple idea: as companies transform they not only need new technology, they need technology that aligns teams across the business.

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