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Scaling a modern company means adopting or transforming technology to unlock the value in data. As you transform, how do you ensure that your company's data is used as-intended? Data is created and exists in the context of business requirements. If those requirements aren't clearly aligned with technical execution, then your team won't be aligned and your company can’t scale.

Tranquil Data is software that bridges this gap. Your engineers provision it between your applications and databases, where your compliance owners define the rules that are validated in development and enforced in production. This gives your technology and business stakeholders a common perspective. Our software captures and shares with you the context in which data exists, so that as new opportunities arise your team understands how to use data to create new value.

What are some key uses for Tranquil Data?

Our proactive approach to capturing lineage and business-relevant facets of data, and enforcing rules around those facets, makes the software ideal for identifying each user’s data, isolating users from each other, and sharing segments based on business context.

Data Context

Identify each user's data in real-time, across systems, and associate it with the MSA defining its context.
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Cloud Adoption

Segment data sets available internally for dev-test; isolate customers from each other in production.
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Customer Confidence

Manage and use each customer's proprietary data like it’s in a separate cage, even when it's not.
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How does alignment benefit your team?

As requirements around data scale, so do the number of voices and diversity of view-points; Tranquil Data invites all stakeholders to contribute from their perspectives so that all parties are clear that the requirements are met.


Business Leaders get confidence when everyone is aligned, agile, and executing quickly against new opportunities.


Engineering Leaders become more productive and efficient, able to focus on building and scaling applications with the right tools.


Compliance and Data leaders are empowered to be proactive and have clear collaborations with users of data.


Operators and DBAs get control over the mapping from applications to infrastructure, simplifying deployment and audit.


Halloween Week Summary
Nov 1, 2019

It was a big week here at Tranquil HQ. Here's the recap for those of you who were too busy decorating for trick or treaters to keep up with it all.

New Partner: New Context
Oct 31, 2019

As we wrote about yesterday, we're working with some great partners early on. This week, we announced our relationship with the awesome New Context.

Technical Acceleration with GA
Oct 29, 2019

Tranquil Data is designed to align business and technology roles, but is first deployed inside an engineering environment to unlock early value. As a result, evaluation and deployment is ultimately the responsibility of technology leaders. This raises the question: What’s in it for them?

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