New Partner: New Context

October 31, 2019

As we wrote about yesterday, we're working with some great partners early on. This is important to our company, as a way to be sure that we're solving for both the right first business challenges and the right first integration points. We're excited about the value we can bring to these partnerships today, and how that translates into new insights and confidence in our partner's customers going forward.

This week, we announced our relationship with the awesome New Context. Headquartered on the opposite coast from us, they're a team that shares our views about building value through early insights and validation. They are a remarkably talented and deep group of security and compliance experts, there to help you evaluate your current systems and chart where they should move in the future. We couldn't be luckier to have them as a partner.

They're also a great example of how we're helping teams increase their overall understanding of data use. Security is a critical element of building and deploying systems, but doesn't speak to business context. Tranquil Data can add another view into the deep insights that New Context already surfaces, explaining something about the internals of systems and the opportunities in data. If that sounds interesting, we'd love to talk with you and explain more!

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