Technical Acceleration with GA

October 29, 2019

Tranquil Data is designed to align business and technology roles, but is first deployed inside an engineering environment to unlock early value. As a result, evaluation and deployment is ultimately the responsibility of technology leaders. This raises the question: What’s in it for them?

Engineering and product leaders are asked to build rich ways to leverage data and help accelerate business growth. They're also told to ensure that data is used in accordance with ever-evolving business requirements and regulations. These two goals are typically in conflict, and reconciling them requires technology teams to walk a very fine line. It is the job of technology leaders to maintain that balance, which is no easy task.

Satisfying both goals means investing valuable engineering time into building and maintaining safeguards around data, on top of all other engineering workloads. This extra work often manifests as a hidden cost - primarily visible to the rest of the business as a reduced pace of delivery in more customer-visible line items. By relieving the burden of implementing data use policies by hand, Tranquil Data eases this tension and frees up developer resources for other tasks. Developers get regression tests for copmliance, so they spend more time building applications and less time talking with lawyers, and without the custom safeguards can easily adopt new tools, frameworks or languages as-needed.

Tranquil Data also assists technology leaders in demonstrating that data compliance has been met. When data use rules are baked into software code, there's no way to surface which rules are being followed, resulting in increased risk of data misuse and the potentially severe cost of compliance violations. A common strategy for managing that risk is to manually audit product code - a process that is both painful and expensive. Tranquil Data provides an alternate path to de-risking data use by shifting the process of defining rules to the compliance teams. Business owners clearly see the value in technology investments, and technology owners tie software changes to tangible new business value.

In short, Tranquil Data helps technology leaders to free up engineering time for new projects, adopt new data use policies with speed and agility, and provide new insights into how data is used to the rest of the business. The software is designed to be frictionless, easy to evaluate in a development environment in less than 30 minutes. We'd love to show you how, and get you set up to try it out first-hand.

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