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October 29, 2019

Today we've announced the availability of Tranquil Data. There are some pretty great things that you can do with this release. One that we're really excited about is the way it creates new business value. Let us explain.

Eight years ago software was eating the world. Now it's data, driving digital transformations that unlock new opportunities. Businesses grow through offering new or updated products, creating partnerships, streamlining acquisitions, or entering new markets. Data is the common catalyst for this rapid growth and so, unlike eight years ago, everyone on the leadership team is now a stakeholder in how data is used. The challenge is that unless those stakeholders are aligned on requirements and execution, it's hard to know what opportunities a company can pursue.

If, on the other hand, business and technology stakeholders are aligned, the opportunity for growth accelerates. For instance, suppose your company has first-party data from customers and third-party data from partners. These sets of data are accepted through different Master Service Agreements but the products you could offer, or the new partnerships you could forge, are all about aggregating these sets of data for new purposes. If the business context of the data is clear to all participants, then everyone can use that knowledge to accelerate a new offering. Strategy officers can focus on market opportunity, revenue officers can close faster for higher value, marketing teams can lead with certainty about how data is handed, and engineering leaders can develop and deliver faster.

Key to aligning business requirements with technical execution is giving compliance or similar stakeholders clarity that their rules are being met early in product lifecycles. With Tranquil Data we've taken this a step further, and shipped a user interface right from the first release that gives those compliance roles ownership over writing and maintaining terms from service agreements. This creates clarity with product teams that applications are behaving correctly, and defines the business context for resulting data. Our users are taking that simple starting-point and using it to create more value in sales, more certainty in partnerships, and more confidence in product development.

Like we said, the opportunities that result from creating simple alignment are pretty exciting. If you'd like to understand more about the business value you can get with Tranquil Data, and see how simple it is to get started, give us a shout! We'd be happy to walk you through a small example and get you feeling tranquil about your transformations.

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